About Me

slides04By now you’ve probably caught on that my name is Frank Bevacqua and that I am a psychologist. For those of my readers who come from outside of the mental health field, let me take a brief detour to dispel any myths:

1) I cannot read your mind, and

2) I am not “analyzing you right now!”

Now that we have that cleared up, if you read my home page, you’re also familiar with my purpose for creating this website: to help people by sharing knowledge with as many people as I can. What you might not yet know is where I came from, how I got here, and where I plan on going. Hopefully the information contained on this page can provide context for the information contained on others.

I was born and raised in New England: I graduated high school in Connecticut having lived in the same house since the day I was born. Three years later, I had graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. To fulfill my goal of becoming a psychologist, I headed out west and earned my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University. At this point, I moved several times within a couple of years. First from Arizona to Wisconsin to complete my internship for my degree, then a year later to Virginia for my first job, and then finally back to Arizona one year to the day after that. Looking back on my zig-zagging across the country, it became apparent that the first moves were motivated by my pursuit of formal education, the second to last move motivated by my desire for employment, and the final move back to Arizona motivated by love. I know it is no coincidence that the most important move and the last move were the same.

I have worked with individuals deemed “severely mentally ill,” for several years now, primarily in county and state hospitals. There is something rewarding about working individually with a person who so desperately needs our help, whether they realize it at the time or not. There also seems to be something terribly inefficient about the process at the same time. In the field of mental health, we as professionals must wait until someone’s life gets a little (or a lot) off track before our care is sought.  But what about everyone else? It would be terribly naïve to believe that there was such thing as the perfect person out there somewhere. By definition, then, we all have some areas in which we can grow. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to financial and healthcare resources. This website is intended to level the playing field and to bring to thousands of people per day the same knowledge and inspiration that, at one point, was only reaching a handful of individuals at a time. I hope you all enjoy reading the information to come as much as I know I will enjoy writing it.

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