Frankly Speaking – 5/19/14

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Dear Frank, I was academically dismissed from the college I was attending and it hit me really hard – to the point that I ended up taking about a year off from school in general. This past October I decided to get back on the horse and try to boost my GPA so I could apply for readmission. Now that I have submitted my application I am starting to feel like I might not be able to do this after what happened last time. Do you have any advice on this type of situation? First of all, I want to congratulate you for “getting back on the horse.” I...

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Frankly Speaking – 5/12/14

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Dear Frank, There is this girl I was friends with in high school and for a while after. We were really close friends, but we had a huge blowout. We have e-mailed back and forth some since, but the friendship just doesn’t seem to be there anymore; I really don’t want anything to do with her anymore. Should I just stop answering the e-mails and hope she takes the hint or tell her straight out? I am always a fan of being clear with someone upfront and then using the ignore method if that happens to not work out. In this situation, it sounds like...

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Frankly Speaking – 5/5/14

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Dear Frank, A friend of mine’s brother recently attempted suicide. This is not his first attempt, and my friend is understandably very upset. Is there anything that I could tell her that would help her be able to help her brother? Suicide is, for obvious reasons, a very serious matter and professional intervention would seem necessary. If he will not seek treatment voluntarily, most (if not all, I believe) states allow for involuntary commitment when a person poses a threat to him- or herself. These may be options that are sought to help her...

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How Selfies Actually Lower Self-Esteem

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The Selfie (you know, a photo taken of oneself), has easily become the most popular type of picture that we see on the internet and in our text message and e-mail inboxes. With most people owning cell phones (including children who, in my opinion, are entirely too young to need one), and most of those people with phones owning one with a built-in camera, photos can be taken everywhere. Constantly. Does anyone else remember when telephones actually made telephone calls? I digress. The Selfie has taken on a life of its own. I mentioned in a...

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Frankly Speaking – 3/31/14

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Dear Frank,       There are a couple of people that I work with that no one seems to get along with. One acts like he is above everyone else and the other tries to act overly friendly and gets on almost everyone’s nerves. What is the best way that we can deal with them on a daily basis? On a previous segment of Frankly Speaking, I touched upon a somewhat related topic regarding making friends in the workplace. In that response I described how oftentimes the job itself is one of just a few things you might have in common with someone else. The...

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How Technology Hinders Workplace Productivity (and What Employers Can Do About It)

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Technology offers us a myriad of psychological benefits. With its infinite abilities to constantly connect us with others, entertain us, inform us, and distract us, technology can fulfill virtually our every need. Each encounter with technology is positively reinforced: there is an immediate reward for engaging in this behavior, increasing our likelihood of doing it again. But at what expense? As one consequence of this behavior, many fear that this constant, tantalizing distraction will greatly hinder one’s productivity, particularly in the...

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Frankly Speaking – 3/17/14

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How do I bond with my coworkers without getting sucked into office drama? This is a very common question for many people. Gossiping is indeed one way to bond with others, but it is certainly not the only way. Regardless of your work environment, you probably want to stay away from the drama. One of the most common fears of entrepreneurship is of social isolation. Of not having the regular human contact that accompanies a 9 to 5 job. What most of those that have taken the leap to self-employment have found, however, is that the connections...

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Frankly Speaking – 3/10/14

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I’ve already given my two weeks’ notice to my employer, who is now acting unprofessionally and is actively seeking retribution against me. I have done nothing wrong; it only took my resignation letter for him to throw me under the bus to my peers. I fear that I won’t be able to use him to verify my employment because he’s acting so vindictively. Is it worth sacrificing my mental health to stay until the end of my two weeks when he’s refused to give me a reference or letter of recommendation out of spite?...

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3 Reasons We Have Become Obsessed with Technology

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Have you ever checked your phone after 30 minutes, an hour, maybe two hours, only to have nothing new to see on it? No missed calls. No texts. No Facebook notifications or new Twitter followers. Nothing from Instagram. No Snapchats. Have you then ever checked your level of service, or your internet connection, or gone so far as to turn your phone off and back on again? It must be some kind of mistake, right? We live in a world now where our ego is based very much upon our technological and social media connections. How many “Likes” we get on...

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Frankly Speaking – 3/3/14

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Frank,      I just got a new job and I want to start out making clear boundaries with my co-workers and supervisors. I want a fresh start from my previous experience with my former employer. How do I show initiative and prove myself without becoming a doormat? This is a very common concern that many people have and a problem many people do not attempt to address until they’re on the wrong side of the line. That you are aware of this possibility at the start of a new job gives you a great advantage. Depending on the nature of your job, this...

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