Treat Your Relationship Like Your Gym Membership

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There are many similarities between romantic relationships and physical activity. Below are just five of the ways we would all be better off if we treated our relationship like we would a gym membership. 1)      DECIDING WHEN TO BEGIN Maybe you haven’t worked out in a while. Maybe some holiday is coming up that sparks your desire. A New Year’s resolution? Wanting to get in better shape before that summer vacation? Perhaps you consider your age and fear that if you don’t get into shape now, it might never happen. Even worse, maybe someone else...

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Technology Addiction: Is it Happening to Us?

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Do you (or someone you know) carry your cell phone charger with you wherever you go? Do you plug it in while in a public place (bar, restaurant, etc.) to ensure you don’t lose battery life before you return home? Do you get upset when the internet is going slower than usual or goes out completely? Do you get annoyed at sporting events, concerts, and other large gatherings because it is impossible to get a signal? Do you text and drive? Do you text and drive despite people asking you not to? Despite near-accidents? Do you continue to bury your...

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Why Consistent Action is Vital for Long-Term Success

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While being flashy may get you noticed, being consistent is what establishes and maintains your reputation. Whether your focus is a business relationship, a friendship, a romantic relationship, or your work ethic, consistency reigns supreme over a one-hit wonder. I used to attend a number of different summer camps when I was younger. I attended one of them, a basketball camp held at a local high school, for many years in a row. The instructor was (and I believe still is) the head Varsity boys basketball coach at the school. He was well-known...

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How to Minimize Your Fear of Failure

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Sports have taught me so many valuable lessons in my life. From teamwork to hard work, to how to appropriately experience successes and failures, I don’t know where I would be without the values instilled in me through athletic competition. I am proud to say that, for the last two years, I have served as the head coach of a high school girls softball team and have tried instill as many of those values in my team members as I can. One of the hardest things to do, I’ve learned, is to teach someone how to pick herself up after a failure and try...

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How to Reduce Frustration in Your Life in 3 Easy Steps

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Frustration is a terrible feeling, and no one is immune to its negative effects. But where does frustration come from and how can we lessen its impact? Below are three easy steps to minimizing the impact of frustration in your life. 1. UNDERSTAND WHERE FRUSTRATION COMES FROM The first line of the “frustration” page on Wikipedia defines the concept nicely: “In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition.” ( In general, the source of that opposition is going to come from one of two...

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Achieving Personal Success is as Easy as 3…2…1…Green!

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It was not until I got to high school that things like the internet and cell phones started to become popular, and the popularity then pales in comparison to now. This means that, for the majority of my childhood, my parents had to entertain me the old-fashioned way. You know, we actually talked to one another. Car rides are always particularly challenging for children to remain patient. When I was young, maybe 4, 5, or 6 years old, my father would frequently play the same game with me. I don’t know that we ever named it, but I look back on...

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First Blog Post

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Growing up, I had two of the most supportive parents anyone could have asked for. Thinking back on it, I can’t possibly count the number of times that I received messages from them such as “You’re so smart,” “You can accomplish anything you put your mind to,” and most importantly, “We’re so proud of you.” I look back on that support that I received from my family and friends as I pursued various educational, athletic, and other personal and professional development journeys and know that those who love me played such an integral part in my...

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