slides03If you are looking for someone to speak at an upcoming event, I am available to talk about a variety of topics. Currently, one of my strongest areas of passion is discussing the potential negative impact that technology has on our interpersonal relationships. I tend to write on topics about which I am passionate and have some personal investment, so any topic or topics covered on this site are likely fair game.

About my presentation style:

With over a half-decade of university teaching experience, I have come to learn that not all audiences are equally motivated to hear what the designated speaker has to say. I understand that it is my job to be captivating to my audience, not to have a captive audience waiting for me. As I came to offer more presentations as I advanced in my career, I leaned on my past experiences heavily; there isn’t much that is more difficult than engaging 18-21 year old students for three-hour stretches at a time.

What I learned is that I am naturally an animated presenter. I have been known on many occasions to jump around or dance in front of an audience to illustrate a point. I also inject personal experiences and humor into my presentations whenever I can because I know both of those things allow my audience into my world, which I believe is paramount for understanding my message. If this style matches what you believe your audience needs, then I want to fill that need.

Please see my About Me page if you would like more information about my background.

If you are interested in discussing if I could be a fit with your event or group, please use the Contact page to reach me. When possible, please include the following:

1)      Date and location of your event

2)      Name and website of sponsoring organization

3)      Topic preference(s), if any

4)      Estimated number of attendees and basic background information about potential audience

5)      Your contact information

I am located in the Phoenix, Arizona area but am willing to travel for out of town events if my availability allows. If not, I might be able to point you to someone else I may know in your area.

Thank you for your interest!

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